ZenkeCn has more than 10 years experience in life saving equipment

ZenkeCn life saving equipment, manufacturer and exporter for life saving equipment, marine safety equipment like lifejackets, liferafts, inflatable life jackets, foam life jackets, inflatable lifejackets, dog life jackets, child life jackets, SOLAS life jackets, crewsaver liferafts, Life jacket Lights, life buoy, life ring.

Founded: in 2009
Number of Employees: 200
Overseas Market: Asia, Europe, Mideast, Africa, North America, South America, Australia etc.
Certificate: SOLAS, MED, CE, CCS

ZenkeCn Life Jackets

We produce and customize all kinds of life jackets: SOLAS/MED inflatable lifejackets, SOLAS/MED foam lifejackets, inflatable lifejackets, foam life jackets, dog life jackets.

They are suitable for use in various sea/water.

ZenkeCn Fire Extinguishers

Most of our fire extinguishers are SOLAS standard MED 2014/90/EU type with RINA certificate, their cylinders are whole shaped, no any welding seam.

We have ABC dry powder,Foam, CO2 ,Wet chemical fire extinguishers, with propellant gas cartridge or stored pressure type.

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Life jacket is a product, but safety is not. 

ZenkeCn Life Saving
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Simple life saving equipment

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