We are a China marine life jackets supplier, manufacturer, we have our own factory.
Our 150N/275 SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket is SOLAS standards, MED 96/98/EC regulations with RINA certificate.
150N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket
275N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket

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Marine work lifejacket is the best life jacket for ocean.
Our marine inflatable life jackets are for offshore use(offshore lifejackets with harness).
A SOLAS/MED standard inflatable life jacket can be safely used in the ocean.
150N and 275N marine inflatable life jackets all have double air chambers, can be automatically, manually or orally inflated.
150N and 275N ocean approved inflatable life jackets are less bulky and all can turn on an unconscious person face up in the water.

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