If you wear an automatic inflatable life jacket, when you fall into the water, the inflator mechanism will start automatically. The inflation will be completed within 3 seconds, no need to manually pull the inflator. So, automatic inflatable lifejacket is more suitable for non-swimmers.

Every automatic inflatable lifejacket has an inflator mechanism.
Inside the mechanism there is a water-soluble bobbin. When people fall into the water, once the water-soluble bobbin comes into contact with water, it will immediately releasing a spring-loaded pin to trigger a CO2 cylinder to fill the chamber with air.
And the automatic inflator mechanism also has a manual pull cord with a yellow or red handle. If the mechanism doesn’t work automatically, you can pull the cord, which will trigger the CO2 cylinder to fill the chamber with air too.

It even can be orally inflated by breathing air through the inflation tube into the chamber.
This is a backup method to inflate the lifejackets.
If after inflator mechanism or manual inflation, the lifejacket’s chamber is still without enough air, you can breathe some air into the lifejacket.

Because the automatic inflator mechanism is put inside the life jacket, and ZenkeCn automatic inflatable life jackets’ fabric has a waterproof coating, it will not be inflated by mistake when splashing water in the rain.

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