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SOLAS 275N inflatable life jacket


SOLAS 2020 standards
MED 2014/90 EU, Regulation(EU) 2020/1170
with RINA certificate

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ZenkeCn SOLAS 275N inflatable life jacket is designed to meet SOLAS 2020 standards, with RINA certificate.

The SOLAS 275N inflatable life jacket is designed for extreme working environments. It is suitable for use with most Immersion and abandonment suits. The high buoyancy provides added protection when heavy work gear and clothing is worn.

The SOLAS 275N inflatable life jacket is both easy to don and comfortable.
It is a universal adult size suitable from a minimum weight of 43kg and will fit a maximum chest size of 1750mm.
Crotch straps come fitted as standard.
Safety harnesses are options.

SOLAS 275N inflatable life jacket specification:
1. Buoyancy: 275N
2. Air chamber: twin
3. Inflation type: automatic+manual
4. Elevation angle after entering the water: the angle between the face and the horizontal plane is greater≥ 40°
5. The angle between the body and the vertical plane is greater ≥ 30°
6. Into the water freeboard: the distance between the mouth and the horizontal plane ≥ 120mm
7. Inflatable molding time: ≤5s
8. Floating time: ≥24h
9. Buoyancy loss after 24 hours: ≤5%
10. Ambient temperature: -30℃~+65℃
11. Validity: 3 years

Inflatable Bladder Material :0.15mmTPU Film 210D Stick a Polyether + TPU(Double)
Lifejacket Cover Fabric :300D Elater 23X20 Polyester Fabric
Package includes:
1 x automatic inflator
1 x manual inflator
1 x water sensitive automatic inflatable bobbin
2 x 55g-CO2 cylinder
1 x SOLAS approved whistle
2 x oral tubes
1 x buoyant buddy line
1 x strong lifting loop
1 x attachment point for personal light (light not included)

Our commitment to safety:
We produce high quality life jackets. Safety is our priority and our SOLAS 275N inflatable life jackets have SOLAS mark on the covers with Rina certificate.


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