Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) inflatable lifejackets are available in comfortable and compact inflatable styles that can be automatically, manually, or orally inflated.
In general, there are 2 types of flotation capacity of SOLAS inflatable life jacket:
1. SOLAS 150N inflatable life jacket
2. SOLAS 275N inflatable life jacket

SOLAS inflatable life jackets are easy to be worn and more comfortable to work with.
But SOLAS inflatable life jackets are not suitable for kids under 16 years.
And also, we don’t recommend SOLAS inflatable life jackets for non-swimmers, as its inflation occurs in 4-7 seconds.

A SOLAS inflatable lifejacket, for buoyancy, must have at least 2 separate inflatable bladders with its own inflator, and meet all requirements for conventional life jackets, and must also:

  • be equipped with a yellow, double-inflatable bladder. The first bladder is inflated either manually, or automatically after the user drops into water, while there is also a manually activated back-up bladder for emergency use
  • inflate automatically when immersed, equipped with a device that allows you to pump up with one hand movement and be able to pump up your mouth
  • maintain buoyancy which would not decrease by more than 5% after a 24-hour immersion in fresh water
  • raise the head of an exhausted or unconscious person by at least 120 mm from the water with the body tilted back at an angle of at least 20 ° from the vertical position
  • turn the body of an unconscious person in water from any position to a place where the mouth is cleaned of water in no more than 5 seconds