Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) lifejacket is the most buoyant PFD and suitable for all water conditions, including rough or isolated water where rescue may be delayed. Recommended when boating or fishing alone and you may be far from the shore.

SOLAS Lifejackets can be generally divided into 2 different types:

  1. SOLAS Foam (inherently buoyant) Lifejackets
    They are offered in two sizes: for adults and for children.
    SOLAS/MED Foam Lifejacket, Adult
    SOLAS/MED Foam Lifejacket, Child
  2. SOLAS Inflatable Lifejackets
    They are not suitable for kids under 16 years.
    150N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket
    275N SOLAS/MED Inflatable Lifejacket

All of them:

  • provide the most buoyancy, are excellent for flotation and can maintain buoyancy which would not decrease by more than 5% after a 24-hour immersion in fresh water.
  • turn persons on their back in seconds to keep their face out of the water, even if they are unconscious.
  • are available in a variety of highly visible colors and have reflective material to help with search and rescue.
  • must have a whistle, firmly secured with a cord.
  • should allow a person wearing it to swim for a short distance and board a rescue boat.